Tips For Planning A Wedding At Short Notice

Here are our top tips to help you plan the wedding of your dreams at short notice…

Photography – Chris Randle

If you fancy the idea of a short engagement, or circumstances find you needing to say, “I do” quicker than you’d planned, believe us, it IS possible to bring everything together in a short space of time and still have an amazing wedding experience.

We know this because at Doxford Barns, we’ve seen plenty of couples marry very quickly after getting engaged and sometimes, within weeks of booking their wedding venue. As with all weddings at Doxford Barns, we are completely blown away by what couples achieve with their incredible weddings, especially when time hasn’t always been on their side.

Be confident with making quick decisions

Having the confidence to make a quick decision can take away a lot of stress and save a lot of time with your wedding planning. When it comes to making decisions on who to choose as your suppliers, we recommend starting with those on the venue’s recommended suppliers list. These suppliers know the venue like the back of their hand. Take a photographer for instance, they will know where to capture the most stunning backdrops, whilst a venue stylist will know which creative ideas will suit the venue down to a golden tee.  

Recommended suppliers are recommended for good reasons and should be able to deliver the vision you have for your wedding day, no matter how far in advance or how quickly you book them.

Stay on top of your emails

This tip probably seems a bit strange, but it’s an important one to act on because those who you’re relying on to deliver your wedding (photographer, venue, dress etc.) are also working to your tight schedule, so will need quick replies and decisions to their emails. This will benefit you in the sense of giving you a higher chance of securing the supplier, props, dress and entertainment act you want for your big day.

Be flexible with your wedding date

It’s not unusual for a venue to be booked up a year in advance, however it’s equally feasible that there will be dates available within the next few months. These dates won’t stay available for long and as they usually come with a special offer attached to them, we highly recommend keeping your options open on your wedding date so you can take advantage of the opportunity when it arises. This may include considering weekdays too! 

Once you’ve found the venue with date availability, secure the venue as soon as you can and then embrace the fun of planning your wedding. 

Photography – Chris Randle

Don’t be afraid to ask for help

Planning your wedding at short notice is the perfect time to ask for help from your bridesmaids, best man, nearest and dearest. If you choose to marry at Doxford Barns, our friendly and highly knowledgeable team would love to be added to your list of helpers! We have some seriously top-notch wedding planners behind the scenes here, with a big book bursting with contacts that we can call upon at the drop of a top hat. 

However we can help and support you with your wedding planning, we will.

Buy your dress off the rack or online

More and more brides and grooms are looking at alternative channels for buying their wedding outfits, which opens up your search and can make choosing your outfit much easier than going down the traditional route of choosing a custom-made wedding dress or morning suit, which usually comes with long lead times.  

Traditional bridal shops occasionally have off-the-rail options, which can easily and quickly be altered, whilst many high street names are putting their best designs forward, including Whistles and Monsoon to offer equally exquisite designs to wear on your big day.

Choose a venue with good transport links

Choosing a venue with good transport links gives guests more options of booking their travel arrangements at short notice. If time is of the essence for any of your guests, we recommend considering a venue close to an international airport, mainline station and with motorway links that will help to cut down travel time and give them another reason to say yes to your invite. 

Doxford Barns is situated just off the A1 motorway near Alnwick, is close to Newcastle International Airport and the mainline rail station at Alnmouth.

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Planning a wedding at short notice is actually very exciting and can be a lot of fun, especially as it all happens very close to the big day. When you have a less time to plan, it becomes easier to focus and gel everything together. 

The great thing to remember is… however you decide to plan and whichever theme you choose, we are here to make your dreams possible.

Late Availability Dates & Deals at Doxford Barns

If you believe planning a wedding at short notice is possible, we have one remaining date available for a three-day weekend wedding on Saturday 8th December 2018.

We also have a number of weekday one-day weddings available throughout 2018. Our wonderful wedding co-ordinators will be able to advise on these dates and timings if you call 01665 579173 or email